about us

we pondered for a long time where would our regular customers to our flagship hachi restaurant go, if they wanted to have a casual lively evening reminiscent of the traditional izakayas in japan.

there was nothing like what we had in mind in singapore when we decided to open the public izakaya in 2013 at 100 tras street.

a friendly traditional izakaya for the masses, serving traditional izakaya cuisine for the everyday salary man.

the concept was simple, however the execution then and even now is ever challenging.

we set out to create menus that would bring customers right to the heart of shimbashi & yurakucho in tokyo where the highest concentration of izakayas exist. ingredients were carefully procured and curated to achieve the unique taste of japan that we have come to be known for.

antique markets were scoured regularly to add izakaya memorabilia to our extensive collection displayed in our restaurant, and an extensive list of sake, shochu and other japanese beverages completed our concept.

it has become our obsession to deliver the experience as it should be, using fine quality ingredients uncanny of a casual eatery.

today with its sister outlet the public izakaya 2 just 80 metres away at 16 enggor street, hachi group is proud to bring to singapore the largest japanese izakaya operations with over 240 seats available combined. a team of passionate chefs including 5 native japanese chefs operate our outlets in tanjong pagar, singapore.

the public izakaya by hachi, possibly the best izakaya experience you can experience out of japan.