omakase – the concept

omakase literally means “its up to you” from the japanese word 任す, entrust.

it is this principle of entrusting what to eat for your meal to the chef that guides our team to deliver to you the highest quality dining experience at reasonable prices.

omakase dining is where customers entrusts the chef to decide what to serve and the menu is not fixed.

this concept is popular with japanese patrons and singaporean professionals who are looking to be relieved of decision-making over their meal and instead choosing to be delightfully surprised by the chef’s selections.

by allowing the chef the opportunity to select what to serve, we at hachi are able to present an ever changing seasonal menu reflective of the freshest produce available direct from japan.

the preparation of each specially crafted dish by our chefs is more like an artistic performance than mere food preparation or cooking.

a dining experience at hachi is like having an authentic japanese meal prepared by a close friend.

we are more than happy if you could share with us any dietary restrictions you may have such as “no raw food” or “no beef”.

however, we seek your kind understanding that multiple restrictions or requests within a table group may mean a lengthened dinner service as we need time to customize your orders.

finding a good omakase restaurant that you like is rare we would like to believe, and we hope that hachi can be your preferred restaurant here in singapore.