the restaurant

customers can choose to dine at 3 table settings in hachi restaurant. in either the private room, the counter or the dining table.

private room
we have 2 private rooms that can accommodate up to 10 and 6 pax each, or a combined capacity of 20 pax in one expanded room.

one of the rooms is equipped with a 42 inch led television that is wired for dvd and laptop presentations.

do call in advance to book these rooms as they are highly popular with our customers.

counter seat
the preferred choice for most of our regular customers as they get to be up close with our culinary team, enjoying preparation of their dishes up close & catching up on some conversation with our chefs.

banquette dining table
for dining in groups or a lively conversation, our dining tables (of up to 24 seats) line the length of the restaurant without compromising our chefs’ attention on each customer. the restaurant is also equipped with a lcd projector and screen, perfect for corporate events or organized dinners.